Three lessons we can all steal from Zendesk’s rebrand

Last week, Zendesk launched a sleek new brand, plus its evolved product suite. After nearly 10 years of buddha-fied success, they’re ditching the literal face of zen for a look and feel that’s a bit less prescriptive, and a bit more sophisticated, albeit still playful.

Image courtesy of Zendesk

Just as we’d expect them to, Zendesk announced their rebrand via a flawless short video on social media. If you haven’t watched it yet, you probably should:

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Traditional marketing is dead: a case for lifecycle marketing.

You’re the owner of a small business. You’re an entrepreneur, so you can’t help but wear a lot of hats, including the one that has the word “Marketing” slapped right across the front of it. You’ve got so many options to choose from when it comes to marketing the business you’ve built, but you’re limited by time, resources, and money.

You’re constantly deciding where to direct your marketing efforts in a way that delivers the most bang for your buck. You spend most, if not all, of your marketing budget on acquiring new clients. Once a new client or customer is in the door, you rip off that marketing hat as quickly as you can so you can dive right into doing that thing you’ve built your business on – that product or service you’re actually passionate about delivering to your customers.

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If you want to be featured in Forbes, you’ve gotta think like a salmon

This week I’m in Boston for the 2016 B2B Marketing Forum, hosted by MarketingProfs. In his opening keynote presentation, Marketing Speaker and Bestselling Author Drew Davis totally sold us on the importance of swimming upstream to build PR + marketing momentum. Such an intuitive concept when you boil it down, and absolutely a strategy all businesses hoping to grow their brands and reaches could successfully adopt, be they large or small.

What does this “swimming upstream” nonsense mean, you ask? Well, it starts with what Drew called “The Waterfall Effect,” or the idea that all mainstream media stories can be traced upstream to smaller, more accessible platforms.

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