Traditional marketing is dead: a case for lifecycle marketing.

You’re the owner of a small business. You’re an entrepreneur, so you can’t help but wear a lot of hats, including the one that has the word “Marketing” slapped right across the front of it. You’ve got so many options to choose from when it comes to marketing the business you’ve built, but you’re limited by time, resources, and money.

You’re constantly deciding where to direct your marketing efforts in a way that delivers the most bang for your buck. You spend most, if not all, of your marketing budget on acquiring new clients. Once a new client or customer is in the door, you rip off that marketing hat as quickly as you can so you can dive right into doing that thing you’ve built your business on – that product or service you’re actually passionate about delivering to your customers.

Sound familiar? Yeah, I thought so.


The problem: Viewing marketing as a finite process

Now, I can’t really argue with your commitment to bringing in new clients. Whether you rely on digital or traditional marketing strategies, or a combination of the two, acquiring new clients is absolutely fundamental to growing your business.

What I can argue, though, is this: the notion that marketing’s sole purpose is to promote and sell your products and services to prospects who are ready to buy is flawed, and we should absolutely burn that notion down.

The solution: Adopting lifecycle marketing as a new approach

Instead of viewing prospective customers as short-term sales opportunities, what if you thought of them as long-term relationship opportunities? What if you expanded your definition of marketing to encompass all the steps a customer takes throughout their journey with your business? What if you viewed the purpose of marketing as delivering value when it’s convenient to your customer instead of delivering sales pitches when it’s convenient for you?

What do you think would happen to your business if your marketing strategy began by building trust well before a person is ready to buy from you, and never really ended, even after that person becomes a loyal customer and raving fan?

Hint: good things. Good things can and will happen to your business when you adopt a lifecycle marketing approach.

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Lifecycle marketing is about building authenticity, credibility, and trust with your audience – be they prospects, customers, advocates, or the public at-large – by providing the content and information they need, exactly when they need it based on where they’re at in their journey. Then it’s about leveraging the relationships you’ve built to make your products and services the obvious choice once prospects are ready to buy. And finally, it’s about delivering exceptional experiences to your customers, and turning them into higher-value customers and long-term brand advocates.

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What next?

Are you with me so far? Glad to hear it. If you’re interested in learning more about optimizing your customers’ journey through lifecycle marketing, you’ve come to the right place. I’d love to chat with you more about the challenges you face and how I can help you do better.

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